How do we make money?

For a successful show you should plan to have 400 tickets minimum for a single show. We then send you a check for a cut of the tickets sold. Estimated breakdown is below.

400 Tickets = $1,500 to the school
500 Tickets = $2,500 to the school
600 Tickets = $3,500 to the school
700 Tickets = $4,500 to the school
800 Tickets = $5,500 to the school
900 Tickets = $6,500 to the school
1,000+ Tickets = 50/50 Split of Net Profits!

What does it cost?

While Magic Gives Back doesn’t upfront charge for the show (instead taking the first 400 tickets to cover our costs) we do require a $500 deposit to secure a date. You will receive the $500 back as soon as your show hits the ticket minimum. We only have so many possible dates and the demand for the show is higher than we can accommodate.

Note: The show is based in Cleveland, Ohio and while we are available to travel across the country, our ticket and upfront deposit will vary depending on the travel required for a performance.

Who pays for all the printing, advertising, etc?

Magic Gives Back covers the cost of everything regarding advertising and promo materials for the show. We will supply the brochures for your students, posters for your school and district as well as Facebook ads to help drive sales.

If you choose to do any extra advertising such as signs in your city, radio, etc we do not cover those costs, but are happy to provide the graphic and media resources to assist you.

Are there refunds?

Unfortunately, there are not refunds for the event. This protects both us as performers and the production to cover our costs as well as the money for the school. In the event that an attendee cannot make a show, we will work them to see a different performance if your school is having multiple shows.

Who tracks the sales?

Through our Eventbrite software we are able to track sales and stats in real time. We will issue one admin login for a representative from your school to view the incoming tickets.

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