What is the Kick-off?

The Kick-off is a 25-30 minute assembly we present at your school for your students to tell them about the show.

When is the Kick-off?

We aim to have the kick-off about 1 month before your show date. That time is ideal for a successful fundraiser.

We are having multiple schools participate. Can you do multiple kick-off assemblies?

We are happy to provide multiple assemblies for your schools/district and will work with you to schedule the best times.

Are there refunds?

Unfortunately, there are not refunds for the event. This protects both us as performers and the production to cover our costs as well as the money for the school. In the event that an attendee cannot make a show, we will work them to see a different performance if your school is having multiple shows.

Who tracks the sales?

Through our Eventbrite software we are able to track sales and stats in real time. We will issue one admin login for a representative from your school to view the incoming tickets.

Still Have Questions?