What are the prizes?

For each show, prizes consist of items ranging from Autographed Posters, Backstage Passes, Pizza Parties, Participation in an illusion & Cash Rewards!

Who supplies the prizes?

Magic Gives Back covers the cost of all the prizes as well as the distribution of each prize to the students.

When do student’s receive their prizes?

A few days before the show, those students who earned prizes will receive an email. They will be able to pick up their prizes at the merchandise table in the lobby before each performance. If a student can’t make a performance, we will arrange to have the bag left for them at their school.

Can we change the prizes?

We are happy to work with you to adjust the program to bets fit your needs. We can recommend some ideas, but not unlimited options. Be aware, our system has proven time and time again to be successful based on the increments and prizes we have set. Greatly changing that structure could impact the sales.

Is there a prize for every student at our school?

Yes! Each student receives a wristband at every kickoff. The wristband has a magic trick built into it that they can learn and perform for their friends. Additionally, the wristband acts as a reminder and a tool to earn money each week before the show.

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