Secrets to Success

Ready for the most Entertaining Fundraiser you have ever had? Follow the steps below to ensure a smooth and successful show!

While MGB handles all of the logistics involved with the tickets and the show, we have some tips to help you generate even more money.

  1. Ensure all students recieve their brochure on the day of the kick-off. It is crucial they head home with all the information they need while it is still fresh in their heads
  2. Hang the provided posters around your school and district. The more people that know about the show the better the turnout!
  3. Send 2-3 email blast out to your school or district from the time of the kick-off to the performance date.
  4. Utilize Social Media! We have promo images you can utilize to get patrons excited about the event!
  5. Remind students about the show and to keep up their sales through morning announcements. The $25 giveaways discussed at the kick-off are also an excellent reminder.