The Show

How long is the show?

The show lasts 2 hours with a 15 minute intermission.

Where can the show be performed?

Any large meeting space works great! A auditorium or performing arts center is preferred, but we have made the show work in any situation. For a full overview please see our Tech Rider

Can we have multiple shows?

Yes! We encourage multiple performances in the same weekend or day for your event. If you have a large school or district and are concerned with the performance reaching capacity, we are happy to work with you to add a second show.

What do we need to provide for the show?

Magic Gives Back provides everything needed for the performance. We bring all of the lighting, sound and equipment to make the show a success. If hosting the show in a gymnasium or open floor, we will not supply the chairs and seating. For a full overview please see our Tech Rider.

Do you need ushers or volunteers?

Yes! We do ask that you have a few people able to help check in attendees. They should have a smart phone with plenty of battery. We will provide a document the day of the show to show them how to easily scan tickets at the door.

Still Have Questions?